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Since 2020

A new Connecticut

During the past four years, Dan reconstructed an old horse barn, worked with state legislators on creating new law, and mastered the art of creating homemade bourbon, whiskey, fruit brandies, vodka, rum and gin as well as the old family staple, moonshine all on his own dime.

172 years later

The Beardsley family farm has been a staple in Shelton since 1849



The Beardsley family farm Started

The Beardsley family farm has been a staple in Shelton since 1849. Since then everything from hay to turkeys has been raised on the property…


apple trees first planted

Apple trees planted in the 1920s, some of which are still being harvested today…


making moonshine during prohibition

Deliver the alcohol, hidden in glass bottles painted white to resemble milk, to people downtown thirsting for the hard stuff…


Dairy barn burns to the ground

A school bus lost its brakes and crashed into the barn in 1973, burning it to the ground…


Cider Mill and Orchard open

A thriving albeit seasonal apple business with the cider mill and orchard which he first opened in 1999…


Opened White Hills Distillery

Opened White Hills Distillery, only a short walk from his popular cider mill and orchard…


keeping up with demand!

They are open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, with tours of the distillery area and tastings in the separate bar area of the reconstructed barn-turned-distillery…

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